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Commercial Garage Door Repair Pretoria GA

Commercial overhead garage doors can be made in numerous styles or materials. The functions for which they are intended vary even more. In regions where wind, sun, rain, and dampness are an issue, you should prioritize seals and which material will best stand up to the local climate.

Most roll-up garage doors and commercial doors are not too unlike the garage door you have at home. However, industrial doors must stand up to significantly more damage and use. They are made of heavier materials that can stand up to constant use. Perhaps the garage door that your property came with is not ideal for your needs. Or your necessities may have changed throughout the years along with your business. Whatever the case, Garage Door Repair Pretoria GA can help install a new door to fit your business’s needs in mind.

Commercial Garage Door Repair Pretoria

Our Commercial Garage Doors Services

Frequently, the issue might just be that your door is in need of new parts. Our specialists can inspect your door gear to determine if an equipment update is adequate or if your property will require a new garage door entirely. This is also done to after installations to ensure your new door’s safety. By simply swapping out some old parts for new ones, you can improve the efficiency of your garage door. These can include:

Commercial doors can include roll-up doors, industrial steel doors, security doors, fire doors, and moving gates.Our commercial garage door repair team knows how to repair all types and brands of commercial garage doors. Get the best quality work for the lowest price in the area. Contact us today!

  • Replacing old or rusted torsion springs
  • Using a 3" instead of a 2" door track
  • Switching to double end pivots and long-stem rollers
  • Using a 25-point inspection system to guarantee functionality and safety
  • Upgrading to automatic equipment